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Jon Brammer

Sea Monster

I’m in the process of putting a compilation together of my instrumentals for media. There’s about 33 tracks that need sifting through and some mastering needs to be done. I hope to make it available soon. Some of my personal favourites were the tracks I put together for Adelaide City, Australia and Bournemouth Arts University, great opportunities, thank you all.

Paper Trails Reissue

Paper Trails Reissue

Hi all,

Very happy to announce that today, Paper Trails has been reissued. You can listen now on Spotify, or buy from my website for £7 or the price of your choosing.

Wedding Anniversary

Today I’ve been happily married 2 years! Suffice to say, I’m not this skinny anymore. Saying that, I’m not exactly fat either. I’d put myself somewhere in-between, a special weight that being married makes you. 3 square meals and a bit of love will do that to you.


I’ve got a new space at home for putting my ideas down. Delightful.

Hidden Gem

Last thing I needed was another Guitar, think this is 9th in current possession. ? My dad and I stumbled across this beauty in an antique shop on Exeter Quay. Plays wonderfully, sounds fantastic.

A Bit Country

In AJ’s Good Time Bar In Nashville, Tennessee. These fellas were incredible. There’s no denying the quality of musicianship here. #nashville

Things of Beauty

Things // of // Beauty

Adelaide Heritage Film

Proud to have my music used by Adelaide City for their heritage documentary. The restoration of historical buildings back to their original intention.

Transmissions EP

Transmissions features 6 instrumental tracks, some of which for some reason ended up with a Latin spin, Why?, Who knows? I rarely know what’s going on up there in my head. Am I going mad? Probably. Circa 2013
Listen on Spotify or Soundcloud


Brahms 4th movement left a stain.

The Messenger EP/Demo

Three track demo record (Lost In Fiction, An Alien Named Brian, Turning Wheels).

Turning Wheels EP

Turning Wheels is a 4 track recording featuring Clowns, Turning Wheels, Someone Else, An Alien Named Brian Circa 2009
Also available on Soundcloud and Spotify

1st October